March 27 Newsletter

Mar 16, 2022

 by Kiersten Mueller

This week at the gym!

Tomorrow we have the official Squat Endurance Assessment.  Lactic Tolerance is on Thursday.  Only half of you actually have all of your Levels done!  Let's get on this! Check your Chalk it app and see what you have left to do.  This will completely eliminate the guesswork in your workouts.  Your coach shouldn't be telling you what level you should be doing at a workout-- you should know. Get in touch with me and get them done!

Please understand that we are following standards in the upcoming assessments.  If you know you didn't get your chin over the bar, then it's a no-repped pull-up.  Not below parallel in a squat?  Don't count it.  It will do you no good in your progressions to train dirty.  We will not count crappy reps-- you're better than that!! 


Level Method Assessment-- the mini version.  *April 4-10*

We will have a mini-assessment in April focusing on the main lifts-- Back Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift, Press, Push up, and Bench.  I think with the Open workouts, many of us have a good idea of what we need to work on, but it's also useful to know exactly where our lifts are so that I can start assigning percentages to our strength sessions.  The first week in April you'll see them on the Big Screen.  Saturday and Sunday will serve as make-up days. 


Bring a Friend Week *last week of April*

You can always bring a buddy to a workout with you, but we will have a whole week dedicated to your friends.  They'll be set up with a 10 Day Trial and the Balanced Habits Boost program, which is the "light" version of our Kick Start. Expect to see event info after Easter.  


Conclusion of the 8 Week MegaPot Challenge:

We started in January and officially ended on the 20th of March. As a group, they lost over 100 pounds.  By the way-- the next 8 Week MegaPot Challenge will happen in mid-May.  

Here are the top-droppers:   

Doug is down about 30 pounds and took off 13+ inches from his waist. 

Tim is now showing off some abs after a 16# weight loss. 

Debbie lost 13 pounds and 4 inches off of her waist

Colby took off 10 pounds and 12.5 inches. 

And we didn't think Kristi could get any smaller, but she did and took off 4% body fat. This is an amazing example of body recompositioning!! 


That's all for now!