May Newsletter

May 3, 2022

 by Kiersten Mueller

REMINDER!!  Mom is off duty today :)  Happy Mother's Day, Mamas. 


Memorial Day "Murph" -- 9 am Class ONLY

 Just like all of our workouts, there will be 7 levels.  

Murph Shirts Have been designed!


Please let me know ASAP if you want one.  I've ordered some and will place another order on Monday.    By the way, you have a Murph prep program in Chalk It Pro, under "Workout Programs."


Knowing your Levels on the MAP

Check the schedule each week for the opportunity to assess the levels you are missing. PLEASE take advantage of this.  Know what you're actually good at and what needs work, with certainty.  With 15 levels assessed, you'll know your objective strength (how much you can lift), relative strength (your lifting relative to your body weight), as well as how well your body uses energy.   Your plumbing, electricity, and ventilation. 

  • Plumbing is reflective of mitochondrial ability to produce and deliver energy to your cells.  You have several ways of producing energy in your cells and we train them all. 
  • Electricity assessments evaluate your neurologic system.  It depends on your brain's ability to control your body, your neuron's capacity to fire, and the types of muscle fibers you have. 
  • Ventilation is your cardio. How well does your cardiovascular system actually work? 

The 15 assessments contain information about these systems.  Your overall level is determined when you know all 15 individual levels. It's the big picture!   Each workout is based on a different assessment and sometimes many, so you aren't always going to work out at the same color. 

Here are my Levels.  Not all are up to date.  I'm working on that.  Some are not appropriate for me to attempt at this time.  However, you can see each of my energy systems.  You can also see that they are not the same as my Overall Level, Blue 1.   I need to work on neurologic and coordination challenges. I tire quickly on workouts based on Neuro and Core. 

Both my Relative Strength and Objective Strength are in the same color, which is good.  Usually, a large discrepancy has to do with being overweight or very, very strong for your size.  This also means that you can level up by losing weight OR by getting stronger. 

Kiersten's Levels

This is what Level Method provides for you.  It's a wealth of information on how your body is performing. When I was making the decision to have my neck fixed, I was able to provide my surgeon with performance data showing the exact percentage of the strength I'd lost, and in what time period. 



Did you know that you have a mobility program in the member portal?  Open up the app, and click MOBILITY.  Take the assessment.  Do the yoga!  


Oh, and don't ask me what weight you should use!!  Get your levels done :)

See you at the gym,