Strengthening Your Obliques

Nov 12, 2020

 by Emily Mueller


Since we learned about the Rectus Abdominis last week, it’s a great day to go over the External Obliques because they are located on both sides!

They help your spine bend from side-to-side or twist. The muscle fibers run downwards and forward from ribs (originating from ribs 5-12) to midline (inserting at the Linea Alba which is the straight line or middle tendon down the belly).


Without the external Obliques, you would not be able to rotate or flex, or compress the abdomen when you vomit, go to the bathroom, or lift! 


So how do you get this muscle stronger? 


Side-plank variations and other twisting ab-exercises are a great way to engage this muscle group. 

Static Side Plank, Corkscrew Twists,  Pulsating Side Planks, Banded Woodchops, and Russian Twists will help you connect with this muscle- remember to keep the core tight so envision that straight horizontal line from your head down to your toe. It’s not about how far or the range you hit, as much as it is about CONTROLLING the movement and making form as perfect as possible. 

Focus on quality of movement to really hit this muscle group, and try putting these exercises into a “Tabata Mash” like last week! 


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