Weekly Wrap and CrossFit Open

Feb 28, 2022

 by Kiersten Mueller

Happy Monday!

Here are some pictures from Friday Night Lights and Open 22.1.   This Friday, we will repeat the event with a different workout which will be announced at 3 pm on Thursday.  I'll alter the workouts as needed once I know what they are planning.  

Tacos will be on the menu for 22.2.   The sign-up is in the gym, on the whiteboard.  Please come out to support the competing athletes!  Families are welcome. 

Bring nerf guns, it will be fine 😜  We'll be playing dodge ball to warm up, too.  Nerf battle after the workouts.  Maybe more dodge ball.  Definitely beer. 


The month of March will focus on strength endurance and our assessment week, which is always the last week of the month, will include lactic tolerance and squat endurance.  Those are scheduled for March 28 and April 4, respectively. Plan to be here or come in for Open Gym to assess.   If you want to get all of your levels assessed,  you can schedule those with Jon, who is a Certified Personal Trainer and Level Method trained.  If you do not know your levels, you really cannot appropriately scale your workouts.  I HIGHLY recommend getting all of them done!!!  The session is $50 for the full hour of training and they can be done one at a time, though it is better to get them all done as quickly as possible.  


2022 SHIRTS are available (or will be by the end of the day) in the member portal, your purple app or go to    



Got any questions?  email me or text.



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