Weekly Wrap April 3

Mar 28, 2022

 by Kiersten Mueller

REMEMBER!  We will be hitting some heavy lifts this week.  I realize that you'll miss some classes, so you can expect to see those throughout the month of April.  You'll want to record the results of the following movements:

Back Squat

Front Squat

Bench Press

Strict Press

Push Press


There is a box in the gym with file folders in it.  You can record your stats there.  Choose a folder and write your name on it. 


If you want to find out all of your levels, PLEASE text me.  Please don't think that white or yellow is just fine. Remember that there are 15 skills and each workout is based on a DIFFERENT skill.  Knowing your overall level will also give you information on your absolute strength and strength relative to your bodyweight.  Additionally, you will learn just exactly how well your body is processing oxygen, how fast it refuels itself, and how fast your muscles stop listening to what your brain is telling you:

Ventilation is your aerobic capacity

Plumbing is how well you refuel your muscles for the next rep.

Electricity is how well your brain and body communicate.  

ALL OF THIS CAN BE TRAINED.  But to know how to do that, you have to know where you currently are. 


Since there are so many of you that do not have your overall level, I'm putting a class on the schedule called Foundations.  It costs $20 to attend.  We will rotate through the levels, hitting 2-3 each class.  It will take you 5 classes to assess all 15 levels and receive your overall level. 

If you would prefer to do this privately, or only work on a specific level, you can do that by scheduling with me.  My schedule is here:  https://anotherlevel.fitness/appointments

You'll want to choose "1 Hour Personal Training."


And remember, that every Friday is Bring a Friend Friday, but we will have a whole week dedicated to your friends. I'll post the event in the Facebook group, Nation Athletes, as well as in the member portal (purple app).  


Please keep an eye out for schedule changes around Easter.  I am going to NY for the holiday and a schedule has not yet been finalized.  


See you at the gym.