Are you

Frustrated that your gym is closed?

Ready to get moving?

Wanting to feel like you belong again?

Join us in your living room!

To stay healthy we've got to keep moving.  We will give you a quick call to see if it's right for you. 

You will be getting the same small group training as if you were in the gym.  Our workouts are leveled, so you will be sure that you are working out at the pace and intensity that is right for you. 

Everyone is stuck at home, and everyone still needs to exercise, eat well, and feel like they are part of something bigger.


THIS IS SOMETHING BIGGER and all you need is a backpack.  We will even send you one!  We have different options available, so get in touch to see what fits your budget best!




Let's hop on a quick call!

Start your fitness journey with these bonuses! 

Our classes are designed to coach you through the entire workout-- warm-up to extra credit. We want to provide you with some information on the true source of health and wellness-- NUTRITION!

Eat the rainbow 

Guide to getting the most out of your diet!  We recommend 10 shades per day and you can read why here

Start Eating Well to live well

It all starts with food. Enjoy this three day plan to get yourself on track!


Clean eating Guide

So, do you know how many hands touched your food before you ate it?  Might want to check out this guide about keeping it clean! 

Healthy Home

A more natural way to stay healthy.  Check out this guide for using essential oils in your everyday routine.

The time is now. Take some action.

While we are not doctors and we do not make any claims that our program will prevent Coronavirus or any other illness, we do want to provide you with as many resources as we can to stay as healthy as possible!!  

  • 3 Day Meal Plan
  • Clean eating guide
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Healthy Home guide
  • Bonus! Home workouts --  when you can't tune in you can do THIS

The time is now. Take some action.