Building Your Internal Obliques

Nov 19, 2020

 by Emily Mueller

We know from last week that Obliques run “downward and forward.” Oblique comes from the Latin word obliquus meaning “slanting orientation.”


Your Internal Obliques have much of the same role as your External Oblique, but they are located underneath. If you put the heel of your hand on your hip (on the ridge of the iliac crest) so that your fingers are facing towards your belly button then you get a sense of where this muscle is. You have one on each side. 


If your Internal Oblique on the right side contracts, that means your torso is pulled to the right; it bends you to the same side that the muscle is contracting.  


To strengthen these muscles, try side-bends, but focus on form and quality of movement by using a light weight, moving slow and controlled to avoid injury. 


Grip one dumbbell while standing with your palm facing your thigh. Bend toward the side that is holding the dumbbell but only bend slightly- do not push the range of this motion and do not push the weight. Then bend to the right. 

Do not allow shoulders to twist as you bend. 

With a lightweight, try 8-15 bends for one set. Then switch the dumbbell to the other hand and repeat. 


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