Hook Grippery and Why you need it.

Feb 5, 2019


Hook Grippery and Why you need it.
FEBRUARY 05, 2019
Hook Grippery and other such shenanigans.

What?? You don't like the hook grip?

I can't think of anyone who actually does. I know a guy who drives with it, though. Personally, I'll use a false grip on my steering wheel, but we aren't going to talk about muscle ups. Just barbells and other hook-grippable metallic objects.

(I expect pictures with demos in the comments)

You need to use the hook grip. Stop Whining. I charge for that.

Let me ask you a couple more questions. Do you like your barbell falling on your face? Do you like having tennis elbow? I really hope the answer is a resounding no to both of those queries. In CrossFit, we use our hands a lot. Ever have a WOD with snatches, toes to bar, and kettlebell swings? That's one of those workouts that taxes the grip to the brink of utter and unforgivable failure. Probably the next day you couldn't even grab your fork and you ate soup from a coffee mug, with a straw.

Grip = Toast

Let's address the first question: Do you like your barbell on your face?

Actually, this is the more practical of the two reasons to engage in hook-gripppage. When used properly, the hook grip will LOCK your hands on that bar, making slipping very unlikely. No one wants to be midway through a snatch only to have the barbell fall in front of them... Especially in the Open or when everyone is watching!

Question number two: Do you like tennis elbow?

I'm not into it. Had it. Wore the arm brace for a YEAR, only taking it off to shower. Yes, I replaced it regularly. Eventually, I opted for a cortisone shot and I haven't had a chronic case since. So, let's define that:

Chronic vs. Acute:

Chronic-all the time. Acute- suddenly. Probably from the above workout bc I didn't hook grip when I could. The hook grip allows you to grasp your {insert equipment here} with different muscles. The muscle that is responsible for tennis elbow makes your middle finger wiggle. Put your fingers on your forearm and wiggle it. Do you feel where that muscle is? It's attached at your elbow. When that tendon is overused, it gets inflamed, and you end up with a case of tennis elbow.* comfortable at first and my thumbs have been known to go a bit numb, but I didn't drop the set of 8 RDLs at 200#. I did grunt a bit, though. Probably dropped an f-bomb when I was done. But I kept that damn bar in my hands.

*There are some great tools out there to help alleviate it. Here's a video of me explaining how and why with a Rolflex.