Making habits easy

Mar 4, 2021

 by Kiersten Mueller

Easy Habits 1-2-3

I’d say it is pretty easy to get overwhelmed in just day-to-day life.  Especially NOW.

Set your alarm, enjoy the morning, get yourself and maybe others ready for the day, walk the dog, feed the dog, homeschool the kids, drive, bring meals, be nice, be presentable, be grateful, be a good boss or employee, etc….And…it’s only 9am.

Do you have daily goals that you hope to hit?  Do those daily goals support a bigger, umbrella of a goal?  Oftentimes we can get overwhelmed by the larger goals, so it is recommended to have smaller targets to hit to gain momentum with feeling successful. 

Since habits is what Balanced Habits™ does, take a look at these smaller goals and see if they aren’t something you can incorporate in your day-to-day that may propel you towards what you’re truly trying to achieve.  

  • Shake a day:  Whether this means having a shake for breakfast because you do not normally have breakfast, or it can be your afternoon snack to hold you over until dinner.  A shake is a great, easy, filling way to get in some beneficial and QUICK nutrition.  Protein powder, fresh or frozen fruit, and peanut butter or crunch on some nuts.
  • Buy a water bottle:  Still trying to get in more water with just drinking out of cups provided wherever you go?  Bring your own with you…everywhere.  Hopefully, you can make a water bottle as second nature as your phone.  Water is a necessity for so many reasons.  If you feel you could increase your intake, even a little, invest in a refillable water bottle and get sipping!  I personally find I drink more water out of a clear bottle with a straw.  What’s your preference? 
  • Start a vitamin routine:  No matter your age, fitness level, or even health status; vitamins are greatly beneficial.  There are a lot (A LOT!) of minute reactions going on inside that body of yours, and you know what helps make them run smooth and gets you going better?….vitamins.  Some sources say the bioavailability of many vitamins and minerals in foods has decreased over the years, so a supplemental source should be considered.  They don’t have to break the bank, or have 6,000 X the recommendation; a well-rounded multi-vitamin will do just fine.   Use the resources in the supplement departments at the stores your frequent, to help save you time and brain-space.
  • Get out your food scale:  Get your scale out, or go purchase one.  Put it on your kitchen counter and leave it there.  All-year-round.  Use it.  Keep your portions in line to what you KNOW they should be.  Your eyeballs can deceive you, especially when your tummy is rumbling.  Take proactive steps to stay on track.

See, look at those.  None of these are too outlandish to employ and though small, they can be life-changing.