Weekly Wrap

May 22, 2022

 by Kiersten Mueller


Congratulations to Dyshekia! She got 2 new levels today! Sunday is both open gym time and a coached class for getting your overall level.  THIS WEEK you will see 3 assessments:  API, weightlifting, and rowing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  If you haven't been paying attention, we train for and assess 2-3 every month!!  June's assessments will be Flexibility, Kettlebell, and Front Squat.  I know that many of you don't like to look at the workouts ahead of time, but at least look at the last week of every month for the assessment days!  


Next Monday, we will only have 1 class and that's at 9.  We will do Murph and it will be all leveled out, so no worries about having to do 100 pull-ups!



There is a local DEKA mile competition that you might be interested in on June 18th. Here is the info.  

The 10 DEKA Zones include:

ZONE 1:  30 RAM Alternating Reverse Lunges (Males 55 lb/ Females 33 lb/ Kids* 22 lb)

ZONE 2:  500-m Row (Kids 250-m)

ZONE 3:  20 Box Jump Over/ Step-Overs (24-in height)

ZONE 4:  25 Med Ball Sit-ups (Males 20 lb/ Females 14 lb/ Kids 10 lb)

ZONE 5:  500-m SkiErg (Kids 250-m)

 ZONE 6:  100-m Farmer’s Carry (Males 60 lb/ Females 40 lb/ Kids 20 lb)

ZONE 7:  25-calories Air Bike (Kids 12 cal)

ZONE 8:  20 Dead Ball Over Shoulders (Males 60 lb/ Females 40 lb/ Kids 20 lb)

ZONE 9:  100-m Tank Push/Pull (Males 3/ Females 2/ Kids 1)

ZONE 10:  20 RAM Burpees (Males 44 lb/ Females 22 lb/ Kids 11 lb)

                 *Kids 10-13 yrs old


The DEKA events are held nationwide and your “DEKA MARK” (time to complete all ten zones) will be ranked on SPARTAN RACE’s DEKA Leaderboard along with other athletes.  That being said, while this can be a competitive event, it is also designed for all levels.  For those that are not interested in competing, it’s still a great way to measure where your fitness level is currently, and then use it as a benchmark to see how your fitness improves over time.

In addition to individual prizes and awards, we will be having a

GYM vs. GYM COMPETITION.  The top gym will be crowned EVENT CHAMPION based on their gym’s top 3 marks (at least three individuals from the gym must be competing in the same event).

Event Registration Link:



Kick Start is ENTIRELY digital this go-round.  This time, you'll sign up through Balanced Habits HQ, rather than through the gym. 

From Balanced Habits:

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That's all for now.  

See you soon,