What can a Balanced Habits Program do to help me achieve my goals?

Everybody has some idea of what it means to make healthy eating choices. Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions about what it takes to be lean, healthy and fit. “Eating right” is a term many equate to having to avoid the foods they love, endlessly feeling hungry and possibly even miserable. That’s just simply a myth.



If you’re unsure about trying a NEW program but you want a plan you know you can easily commit to for 28 days, this is for you.

We like to call it a “read it and eat it” program...it’s that simple. 

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and looking for the right fit, the BH KICK START is perfect for you to see what’s possible in just 4 weeks' time


Need a longer program?  We offer an 8-Week Program, too!

We know what you’re going through and how to help

We know that not everyone is ready to commit to a long-term one-on-one nutrition program, which is precisely why we created the BH KICK START program back in 2008.  

Folks were asking us “can’t you just tell us what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it?”  

We created this program to show you what you can do in just 28 days when you pay a little bit of attention to how you consume food.  Real food, real results.



No Food Group Eliminations

No food group eliminations.  No miserable “dieting” and no restrictions from the foods you love.  Instead, you’ll be supported to develop strategies and coached to learn what works for you and your unique body, regarding food. You’ll be amazed how simple weight loss can be once you learn how to balance real food, in the real world, to finally get real results. That’s what you can expect.

                                                             To finally get results!

There are no bad foods!

With Balanced Habits, the philosophy is that “there are no bad foods, just bad portion sizes.” That creates significant freedom. This program is focused on developing a balanced and practical eating plan that is easily implemented, maintained and supports reaching whatever goals are important to you.

How does that sound?

It's not easy knowing just how much to eat

But we've solved that problem with portion sizes from our registered dietitian.  You will know EXACTLY how much food you need to meet your goals. 


It's easy and it works. 

What is included? 

Work with us in-person or remotely.

  • KICK START guided booklet and mobile app complete with tips, tricks, and a Food and Exercise log to ensure you get the most out of your program.
  • Week by week meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes.  
  • You'll know how much to eat!  Food lists in proper portion sizes to allow you to swap items and tailor everything to your needs
  • Feel supported every step of the way with  Personal coaching to provide guidance and accountability.
  • Stay on track! Weekly Weigh-ins and Food/Exercise Journal Review
  • In-person programs include 3 group training sessions each week. 

I signed on with Balanced Habits in the fall of 2020...heaviest I had ever been. I needed structure and self-accountability to get on track. I had heard about macros and wanted to try something other than just a diet. Well, this is not a diet...just a new way of eating!! I received my plan and could not believe the amount of food I was allowed to eat... 4 meals a day. WHAT? I found new meals that I loved...where had this been all my life? After 28 days, I was 10 pounds down. I loved watching the number on the scale each week as I was losing weight. All I can say is that it was the best thing I have done for myself and it will be a tool that I will have for a lifetime!


Robyn Kealy

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